Dictionaries components and variables used for mapping categories internally. Auto-generated from Hector headers.


A dictionary with Hector’s default configuration parameters. See also the original config file on GitHub. In pyhector this INI-file is represented as a dictionary.


A dictionary with mapping from Hector components to emissions used in the respective component.

component emissions
C2F6_halocarbon C2F6_emissions
C4F10_halocarbon C4F10_emissions
CCl4_halocarbon CCl4_emissions
CF4_halocarbon CF4_emissions
CFC113_halocarbon CFC113_emissions
CFC114_halocarbon CFC114_emissions
CFC115_halocarbon CFC115_emissions
CFC11_halocarbon CFC11_emissions
CFC12_halocarbon CFC12_emissions
CH3Br_halocarbon CH3Br_emissions
CH3CCl3_halocarbon CH3CCl3_emissions
CH3Cl_halocarbon CH3Cl_emissions
CH4 CH4_emissions
HCF141b_halocarbon HCF141b_emissions
HCF142b_halocarbon HCF142b_emissions
HCF143_halocarbon HCF143_emissions
HCF22_halocarbon HCF22_emissions
HFC125_halocarbon HFC125_emissions
HFC134a_halocarbon HFC134a_emissions
HFC143a_halocarbon HFC143a_emissions
HFC152a_halocarbon HFC152a_emissions
HFC227ea_halocarbon HFC227ea_emissions
HFC236fa_halocarbon HFC236fa_emissions
HFC23_halocarbon HFC23_emissions
HFC245fa_halocarbon HFC245fa_emissions
HFC32_halocarbon HFC32_emissions
HFC4310_halocarbon HFC4310_emissions
N2O N2O_emissions
OH NOX_emissions, CO_emissions, NMVOC_emissions
SF6_halocarbon SF6_emissions
bc BC_emissions
halon1211_halocarbon halon1211_emissions
halon1301_halocarbon halon1301_emissions
halon2402_halocarbon halon2402_emissions
oc OC_emissions
ozone NOX_emissions, CO_emissions, NMVOC_emissions
simpleNbox ffi_emissions, luc_emissions
so2 SO2_emissions


A dictionary with Hector’s available output variables:

output = {
    'C2F6_halocarbon.hc_concentration': {
        'component': 'C2F6_halocarbon',
        'description': 'C2F6 concentration',
        'unit': 'pptv',
        'variable': 'hc_concentration'
component variable description unit
C2F6_halocarbon hc_concentration C2F6 concentration pptv
CCl4_halocarbon hc_concentration CCl4 concentration pptv
CF4_halocarbon hc_concentration CF4 concentration pptv
CFC113_halocarbon hc_concentration CFC113 concentration pptv
CFC114_halocarbon hc_concentration CFC114 concentration pptv
CFC115_halocarbon hc_concentration CFC115 concentration pptv
CFC11_halocarbon hc_concentration CFC11 concentration pptv
CFC12_halocarbon hc_concentration CFC12 concentration pptv
CH3Br_halocarbon hc_concentration CH3Br concentration pptv
CH3CCl3_halocarbon hc_concentration CH3CCl3 concentration pptv
CH3Cl_halocarbon hc_concentration CH3Cl concentration pptv
CH4 CH4 CH4 concentration ppbv CH4
HCF141b_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC141b concentration pptv
HCF142b_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC142b concentration pptv
HCF22_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC22 concentration pptv
HFC125_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC125 concentration pptv
HFC134a_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC134a concentration pptv
HFC143a_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC143a concentration pptv
HFC227ea_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC227ea concentration pptv
HFC23_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC23 concentration pptv
HFC245fa_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC245fa concentration pptv
HFC32_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC32 concentration pptv
HFC4310_halocarbon hc_concentration HFC4310 concentration pptv
N2O N2O N2O concentration ppbv N2O
OH TAU_OH OH lifetime Years
SF6_halocarbon hc_concentration SF6 concentration pptv
forcing FBC radiative forcing from BC W/m2
forcing FC2F6 radiative forcing from C2F6 W/m2
forcing FCCl4 radiative forcing from CCl4 W/m2
forcing FCF4 radiative forcing from CF4 W/m2
forcing FCFC11 radiative forcing from CFC11 W/m2
forcing FCFC113 radiative forcing from CFC113 W/m2
forcing FCFC114 radiative forcing from CFC114 W/m2
forcing FCFC115 radiative forcing from CFC115 W/m2
forcing FCFC12 radiative forcing from CFC12 W/m2
forcing FCH3Br radiative forcing from CH3Br W/m2
forcing FCH3CCl3 radiative forcing from CH3CCl3 W/m2
forcing FCH3Cl radiative forcing from CH3Cl W/m2
forcing FCH4 radiative forcing from CH4 W/m2
forcing FCO2 radiative forcing from CO2 W/m2
forcing FH2O radiative forcing from H2O W/m2
forcing FHCF141b radiative forcing from HCF141b W/m2
forcing FHCF142b radiative forcing from HCF142b W/m2
forcing FHCF22 radiative forcing from HCF22 W/m2
forcing FHFC125 radiative forcing from HFC125 W/m2
forcing FHFC134a radiative forcing from HFC134a W/m2
forcing FHFC143a radiative forcing from HFC143a W/m2
forcing FHFC227ea radiative forcing from HFC227ea W/m2
forcing FHFC23 radiative forcing from HFC23 W/m2
forcing FHFC245fa radiative forcing from HFC245fa W/m2
forcing FHFC32 radiative forcing from HFC32 W/m2
forcing FHFC4310 radiative forcing from HFC4310 W/m2
forcing FN2O radiative forcing from N2O W/m2
forcing FO3 radiative forcing from O3 W/m2
forcing FOC radiative forcing from OC W/m2
forcing FSF6 radiative forcing from SF6 W/m2
forcing FSO2 radiative forcing from SO2 W/m2
forcing FSO2d radiative forcing from SO2d W/m2
forcing FSO2i radiative forcing from SO2i W/m2
forcing Fhalon1211 radiative forcing from halon1211 W/m2
forcing Fhalon1301 radiative forcing from halon1301 W/m2
forcing Fhalon2402 radiative forcing from halon2402 W/m2
forcing Ftalbedo radiative forcing from terrestrial albedo forcing W/m2
forcing Ftot total global radiative forcing W/m2
forcing Fvol volcanic radiative forcing W/m2
halon1211_halocarbon hc_concentration halon1211 concentration pptv
halon1301_halocarbon hc_concentration halon1301 concentration pptv
halon2402_halocarbon hc_concentration halono2402 concentration pptv
ocean CO3_HL carbonate ion - high latitude umol/kg
ocean CO3_LL carbonate ion - low latitude umol/kg
ocean DIC_HL dissolved inorganic carbon - high latitude umol/kg
ocean DIC_LL dissolved inorganic carbon - low latitude umol/kg
ocean HL_DO_Cflux flux of carbon from the high latitude to the deep ocean Pg C/yr
ocean OmegaAr_HL aragnoite saturation - high latitude (unitless)
ocean OmegaAr_LL aragnoite saturation - low latitude (unitless)
ocean OmegaCa_HL calcite saturation - high latitude (unitless)
ocean OmegaCa_LL calcite saturation - low latitude (unitless)
ocean PCO2_HL partial pressure CO2 - high latitude uatm
ocean PCO2_LL partial pressure CO2 - low latitude uatm
ocean Revelle_HL Revelle factor - high latitude (unitless)
ocean Revelle_LL Revelle factor - low latitude (unitless)
ocean Temp_HL ocean surface temperature - high latitude degC
ocean Temp_LL ocean surface temperature - low latitude degC
ocean atm_ocean_flux total atmosphere ocean flux Pg C/yr
ocean atm_ocean_flux_HL flux of carbon between the atmosphere and high latitude surface box Pg C/yr
ocean atm_ocean_flux_LL flux of carbon between the atmosphere and low latitude surface box Pg C/yr
ocean carbon_DO carbon pool - deep ocean Pg C
ocean carbon_HL carbon pool - high latitude surface ocean Pg C
ocean carbon_IO carbon pool - intermediate ocean Pg C
ocean carbon_LL carbon pool - low latitude surface ocean Pg C
ocean ocean_c total ocean carbon pool Pg C
ocean ocean_timesteps time step the ocean operates on (unitless)
ocean pH_HL pH - high latitude pH
ocean pH_LL pH - low latitude pH
ozone O3 tropospheric ozone concentration DU O3
simpleNbox Ca atmospheric CO2 concentration ppmv CO2
simpleNbox atm_land_flux flux of carbon between the atmosphere and the ocean Pg C/yr
simpleNbox atmos_c total atmospheric carbon pool Pg C
simpleNbox atmos_c_residual the difference between calculated CO2 and and prescribed CO2 when running with prescribed CO2 concentrations Pg C
simpleNbox detritus_c total detritus carbon pool Pg C
simpleNbox earth_c total carbon pool - used a mass balance check Pg C
simpleNbox npp net primary production (land) Pg C/yr
simpleNbox rh heterotrophic respiration (land) Pg C/yr
simpleNbox soil_c total soil carbon pool Pg C
simpleNbox veg_c total vegetation carbon pool Pg C
temperature Tgav global atmospheric temperature anomaly degC
temperature Tgaveq temperature change without accounting for ocean heat uptake degC


A dictionary with emissions categories and their associated units.

emissions unit
BC_emissions Mt/yr
C2F6_emissions kt/yr
CCl4_emissions kt/yr
CF4_emissions kt/yr
CFC113_emissions kt/yr
CFC114_emissions kt/yr
CFC115_emissions kt/yr
CFC11_emissions kt/yr
CFC12_emissions kt/yr
CH3Br_emissions kt/yr
CH3CCl3_emissions kt/yr
CH3Cl_emissions kt/yr
CH4_emissions MtCH4/yr
CO_emissions MtCO/yr
HCF141b_emissions kt/yr
HCF142b_emissions kt/yr
HCF22_emissions kt/yr
HFC125_emissions kt/yr
HFC134a_emissions kt/yr
HFC143a_emissions kt/yr
HFC227ea_emissions kt/yr
HFC23_emissions kt/yr
HFC245fa_emissions kt/yr
HFC32_emissions kt/yr
HFC4310_emissions kt/yr
N2O_emissions MtN2O-N/yr
NMVOC_emissions Mt/yr
NOX_emissions MtN/yr
OC_emissions Mt/yr
SF6_emissions kt/yr
SO2_emissions Gg/yr
ffi_emissions GtC/yr
halon1211_emissions kt/yr
halon1301_emissions kt/yr
halon2402_emissions kt/yr
luc_emissions GtC/yr